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NYC Pizza Tour

NYC Pizza Tour

Hi! It has been a minute & I apologize, but this post is good. Like real good. It’s all about my A number 1.. aka PIZZA!

Last week, I decided on Thursday to go to NYC on Friday and Petey thought I was crazy (not denying). Once he agreed, he said if he was going he wanted to do a Pizza Tour of the city. I was like um yeah that sounds fabulous.

You see, about a year ago Bon Appetite Food Cast put out an episode where they tried 30 slices of pizza in NYC and ranked them and I have been envious ever since. So, I re listened to the podcast & my friend Kelsey watched the video and came up with a list of 5 stops. Check it out here.

A few ground rules- Each couple split a slice at each place so all in all we each had 2.5 slices give or take. The place had to sell by the slice. Petey also said no square slices- all triangle. We walked to all 5 stops- had to burn those pizza calories some how!

Also, all of these places were delicious. I mean we did research and we weren’t stopping in for 99 cent slices on the side of the street. You’ll understand when you see how we ranked them.

Alright, here we go!

Stop 1: Scarr’s Pizza

Super hip vibe and you would swear this was an old established NY joint. Not the case, Scarr’s opened in 2016 . You can take and go, or you can grab a slice and sit in the back. We loved the decor- an ode to 80’s movies and they had a full bar! Apparently, Chef Scarr mills his own flour in the basement and you can tell that high quality ingredients are used in his pies. We had the pepperoni here. This place was in all of our top 3s- obviously because I just gave way more detail than the ones below.

Stop 2: Williamsburg Pizza

Bright and airy on the inside with more beer options than Scarr’s, although no mixed drinks. Williamsburg serves triangles and squares here, but you know the rules- triangle only. Kelsey had a Montauk Watermelon IPA- perfect for the hot summer day. Kelsey & Jeff had pepperoni, Petey & I had cheese.

Stop 3: Prince Street Pizza

PSP was the first stop where we had to wait in line on the street. Pretty sure no alcohol here. Kelsey & Jeff split the Pepperoni Soho square (their famous slice), but Petey & I stuck to the triangle only rule. We had a slice of cheese. We walked to the sculpture garden a block away and had our slices picnic style minus a blanket.

Stop 4: Joe’s Pizza

Apparently there is usually a line at Joe’s, but we hit it mid afternoon and no wait for us. Again, no alcohol here- but we had just come from a cocktail pit stop so it was no big deal. Limited seating inside, but we snagged a spot by the window. Joe’s ranked number 1 on someone’s list (see below).

Stop 5: Bleecker Street Pizza

Again no wait, but I think that was timing again. I’m pretty sure I have had Bleecker Street on all my NY visits since Kelsey moved up there, but all of those were around 2am. Lots of choices here and we got sausage and pepperoni (Petey’s still mad we didn’t get cheese). Their crust is so good- they use panko breadcrumbs on the bottom instead of cornmeal.. GENIUS!

How’d they rank?!

Kelsey: Bleecker, Scarr’s, Joe’s, Williamsburg, Prince

Jeff: Joe’s, Scarr’s, Bleecker, Prince, Williamsburg

Petey: Bleecker, Prince, Scarr’s, Joe’s, Williamsburg- although after a week of contemplating Petey would like to change his number one to Prince.

Liz (me, duh) : Scarr’s, Bleecker, Williamsburg, Prince, Joe’s

Why did I choose Scarr’s as my number 1? Aside from a delicious slice of pizza.. they had great music, 80s nostalgia, a full bar, table & bar seating, and a place that Kelsey & Jeff wanted to bring back out of town friends.

Want to watch a 3 minute video showcasing each stop and some very attractive eating?! Have no fear.. You can watch it below & on IGTV over @thevintagefork (click here) .

A video consisting of delicious pizza and ugly eating.

Have you tried any of the above?! If so, would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Loved this post?? Please forward to all of your pizza loving friends!

Happy Eating, Liz

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