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Being Social at Social Southern Table

Being Social at Social Southern Table

Hey hey! Up next on my list of go to restaurants in Lafayette… Social Southern Table. We date night, girls night, friends night here a lot. The menu does change from time to time, but some things never change like the mac & cheese :).

TVF tip: I would recommend making a reservation and ubering if you go on a Friday or Saturday night because parking can be crazy.


Walking into this rustic and chic restaurant you would never know that it was previously an all you can eat Chinese buffet with a legit indoor bridge over water. I never dined at Canton City, but according to Petey they have completely changed the interior of this building. I love the open feel and the vibe of the bar. If you have a wait (which you likely will without a reservation) it’s a great place to chill and even dine!


I was boring again and had cabernet, but they have lots of craft beer and really cool cocktails like the Creek Water if you are a gin drinker. .Also, the Bee Old Fashion is $6 all day on Wednesday. Check out their website for all the amazing happy hour deals.


Bread & Spread: two sweet potato biscuits, two buttermilk biscuits, assorted house made spreads like satsuma butter.. YUM! We were a table of 8 and all had a small taste of each. If you are going to order the fried chicken (see below) I would skip this because you get sweet potato biscuits with that entree.

Chicken Fried Green Tomatoes with creamy jalapeno ranch: these are amazing, the tomatoes are perfectly crisp and pairs perfectly with ranch.

Although we did not order the Krab Nachos (crispy wonton chips, spicy mayo, yuzo guacamole) I like these too! I mean you can’t go wrong with K-rab haha.

Main Course:

Steak & Frites: hanger steak, hand cut fries, and chimichurri. I think one of us orders this every single time we dine here. If you are worried about the chimichurri sauce ask for it on the side- although I think it is delicious Petey likes it on the side.

Ora King Salmon: white miso glaze, southern fried popcorn rice, tasso, roasted sweet potato. This was the first time we ordered the salmon, and it will not be the last. OH EM GE- if you like salmon order this. We did not have an ounce left.

Smoke Fried Chicken & Biscuits: sweet potato biscuits, local primo honey. One of my friends ordered this, but I have had it in the past. The flavors are crazy good and if you are a fried chicken lover you have to order this at least once in your life! It’s crazy how it has the smoke & fried taste all in one and ummmm like I said earlier that biscuit is the jam!

We didn’t order any flatbread this time around, but I like to order the mushroom flatbread and add hanger steak— trust me!


Mac-N-Cheese: blistered pepper, sake, aged white cheddar. My favorite mac & cheese in town. I have never gone to social and not ordered this. You have to get it!

Brussel Sprouts: lemon roasted garlic aioli, shallot butter. These are delicous too, especially dragged in the garlic aioli. Gosh, I am making myself so hungry right now!

Another side note: Looking for Sunday BBQ? Their Sunday BBQ to go is AMAZING. Not your typical BBQ because it is served with Alabama BBQ sauce. It serves 4 and is SO GOOD!

I hope that you are enjoying my reviews and recommendations of places around town. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. I can’t wait for my next write up- until then follow along on Instagram @thevintagefork.

Happy Eating- Liz

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