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Travel Tips: Reading, Listening, Watching

Travel Tips: Reading, Listening, Watching

Hi! This post is way over due. I started to write it, but it I couldn’t get it to flow. So, what I have decided to do is periodically post small segments on travel tips. This post is all about what I am reading, listening, & watching these days.

We leave for the mountains tomorrow!!! This was a crazy last minute trip, but if you are in Lafayette you should check out Frontier Airlines. We purchased pretty cheap flights a week out. They are also currently flying from here to Orlando.

Being the cheap person I am- I did not buy any add-ons for the flight. We will be packing in personal items & will not be sitting by each other. That got me thinking… I should share with you how I am going to entertain myself on this flight next to a stranger.


I recently rejoined a book club & it has been great. I forgot how much I loved reading and this pushed me to read (or listen) to at least a book a month. We are on our 6th book and I haven’t hated anything thus far. I will say that my 2 favorite books have been Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid and My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing. Both are very different and if you are looking for a good audio book Daisy Jones had an amazing cast of readers. You will 100% recognize the voices of the characters from some of your favorite movies. According to my fellow book clubbers it is also a good book read, the format is written like an interview. I finished My Lovely Wife last week. It is a page turner, but also a little disturbing. I finished over half the book in one sitting. We have also read Maybe in another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Educated by Tara Westover, and An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen. 

What are we reading this month? The Summer of 69 by Elin Hilderbrand. I have read several of her books- the perfect beach read! I plan on reading this one on my Kindle during the flight.

What I am LISTENING to

I am a huge fan of Podcasts. I hardly ever have my radio on FM when I am driving. I am either listening to an audiobook (again highly recommend Daisy Jones) or a podcast.

Serial Season 1 (not 2) was what made me a true podcast fan. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and more recently I just finished to Live and Die in LA. It was done so well and my other True Crime Podcast junkies have loved it too. I also enjoyed Dirty John, Dr. Death, and The Dropout. All great medical true crime listens. I’ve got The Shrink Next Door, Bear Brook, & the Man in the Window saved for my next long car ride!

If true crime is not your thing and you are looking for something light I enjoy Dax Shepard’s Arm Chair Expert. It is a little explicit and the episodes are long. If you are a fan of the show Parenthood he interviews a lot of the cast members. Other good interviews include Kristen Bell (his wife), Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Katie Couric.

Again on a lighter note, I love the Bobby Bones Show. They are just all around good people and bring a smile to my face anytime I listen. If you miss the radio show in the morning or you do not live where they broadcast you can listen as a Podcast “The Bobby Bones Show”. Petey and I also enjoy his “Bobby Cast”. On this show he interviews people, usually people who work in music. He doesn’t just interview artists. He sits down with song writes, producers, and even with his Co-Hosts to talk about random music facts.  Another podcast from this network is “4 Things with Amy Brown”. If you are a listener of the Bobby Bones Show you cannot help but love Amy. This podcast is more of a feel good, inspirational, health podcast geared towards women. It comes out every Thursday and I usually have listened to it by the time I go to bed Thursday night.


These days I am all about watching shows on streaming services. I don’t think there is one show that we watch in real time anymore. We were watching How to Get Away with Murder real time, but if a new season has started we have no clue. There are so many good shows out there on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. I haven’t watched anything on HULU and definitely feel like I am missing out.

First off, It’s great to have The Office & Friends available at all times for a pick me up. Recently, Petey and I watched all 6 seasons of Parenthood. It was so good- I cried and laughed so much every single night. We loved Bloodline (Season 1), both seasons of Ozark, The Sinner (Season 1), Dead to Me, the Widow, and are contemplating re-watching Stranger Things before Season 3 comes out next week. Last week I started Good Girls. It’s a little dark, but also funny. I want Petey to watch episode 1 & 2 so he will be caught up with me and we can watch  it together.

Okay there you have it. A brief little recap of how we stay entertained while traveling (and at home). I know you may have read/watched/listened to these because to you they may be old news. If you have something new or old that you think we would enjoy let me know in the comments below!!

What to expect next? Probably a recipe, but also a Travel Tip post on how to stay active and a travel guide of our Colorado trip!

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